Would you ever felt alone and had got deeply hurt and totally brokenup.
Are you hiding from world becuase of incompetence in yourself  and baricating yourself from exploring the good in you.
Negetive People in the world are just a hurdles which comes in your way, but
what stops you is you,your thinking ,your vision,what mission did you have in your life.
Negetive people don’t have their own goals in life and they won’t you too,to have .
They can’t stop you from your acheivement the height of your skills your talent and can’t take anything from your fate. If you lose while making yourlife  in your starting days don’t stop, don’t ever stop. 
if you stop it will be as simple as bad, simple as bad
Did youwant it to happen ,want to lose and want to dependable on others
I think no one will let this to be happen.
So just stop regreting your life and start a new life ,a fresh new life by following your dreams. and prove your haters wrong and if ever you think of quiting ,stop for a while and think why do you have started
Success won’t come to you  by beingin comfort zone 
So just raise your heads up and make it happen it is not too late to start …


Late Dawn

Its been long time .

And it can take more days ,but it wont be last for the whole year

One day the darkness will go off and a bright sun will be risen onn

Stay calm stay home stay safe be happy make happy save your family save your society…


The Whites and Khakhis the real heros…

Due to the outbreaking of covid-19 globally, the whole world is under lockdown from several months. Its been more than a month of lockdown in India ,a country of diversity known for its culture, traditions, unity.
Now, World is under a critical sittuation of corona virus.a virus which make the whole world helpless  to stop the track of spread and save its nations  all super nations have failed in and having many losses of lifes , the rate of deaths is rising constantly this create the world  hopeless and gave a face of fear. all nations have a question in front of them,what to do Now .
Many nations have done well and among them India also has done and doing well taking  right measure at the right time .
And in this a huge contributions goes to  our honourable Doctor’s and our Police forces .
They gave many sacrifies for their nations without  carrying of their lives and doing their duties dedicatedly and despratedly 
They had gone through many sleepless nights and stressfull days working hard for the country  and staying away from their families.
we all know that,to be safe from this virus we should follow all the preventive measures and stay at home and help our real heros who are doing a speechless,great work for our country.
A great salute to our real Hero’s.


What is life we living ?

Do we actually know why this world is and we  ment for or why do we living our life and hanging with a busy day  and working out for the best of the way to live .
As the life goes on ,we come to many ups and down with many difficulties and ease. Life is short and full of oppertunities , problems, happiness ,enjoyment,and so onn.
From an early up to late night we are busy with our daily routine task that we do daily and forget the meaning of our life we just running behind a life that we dont know , but just of others are doing it  we just try to achive and compet others life stlye and forget the meaning  why we are here,we forget  the hummanity but now this is  remain just as a word , a word with no meanings no feelings but what  remain left  is only a word.

Life is all about of love care and share thats bring a joy in happy moments and gives strength in difficult time .our family is our first love thats care for us and share with us  in every conditions of life.

Life is getting hard and soft is a part of life it teaches and let us know that who remain stand with us and who run away in the tough time of life and who runout in our toughtime are the  fake one who just want to be a part of our  goodtimes and could be a reason for ruinning our life.
So just live your life with true ones who had helped ,cared, loved and do every damn things which make them happy and in return you too .